Woman fights bag thieves in simulated Mangalore police exercise

A gang of disbelievers tried to snatch a woman’s bag outside the door of St Agnes College as part of a police simulation exercise. However, she fought the thieves and fled.

Representative image | A woman fights bag thieves in a simulated exercise conducted by Mangalore police.

A gang of assailants attempted to seize a woman’s bag near Upper Bendore on Sunday morning. Mangaluru police later clarified that the incident was part of a mock exercise conducted to assess the public and police response to crime on the streets.

At around 11 a.m., the men, riding in a car without a license plate, attempted to snatch the woman’s bag outside the door of St Agnes College.

The woman fought one of the disbelievers and asked passers-by for help. Within seconds, a crowd came to his aid. However, the attackers managed to escape in their car.

Police say the woman has been identified as Shobha Kateel, who teaches women self-defense.

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Mangalore Town Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar said police are trying to locate the woman and if she cannot be found a motorcycle case will be filed.

Earlier in April this year, four members of the fringe group Bajrang Dal were arrested by police in the town of Mangalore in Karnataka for allegedly stabbing a boy. Early reports suggested that the accused objected to the boy traveling by bus with his friend.

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