“Use the right to vote prudently to elect a responsible government”

Election Commission of India has made registration easier by facilitating online registration and correction

As the Election Commission celebrates National Voters Day across the country, Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada KV Rajendra said on Tuesday that voting is a constitutionally guaranteed right of every citizen that should be used with caution even though his Udupi counterpart, Mr. Kurma Rao, said every eligible citizen should vote to strengthen democracy.

The two deputy commissioners of the respective districts, who are also election officers, spoke at the Voter’s Day celebrations jointly organized by the authorities of the respective district legal departments in Mangaluru and Udupi.

While everyone talks about the threat of corruption, many forget that they can help eradicate it, if one exercises their right to vote wisely without falling prey to inducements, Dr. Rajendra noted.

Saying that Dakshina Kannada has over 30,000 young people eligible for voter registration, Dr. Rajendra regretted that not many of them have shown interest even though they are very keen to get a driver’s license . The Election Commission of India has made registration easier by facilitating online registration and correction. Voters’ literary clubs should be actively operating in every college, he suggested.

Secretary-member of authority Prithviraj Vernekar, CEO of Zilla Panchayat and chairman of Kumara district SVEEP committee and others were present.

In Udupi, Rao said new voters should exercise their right without falling into the trap of any inducements, thus helping to find ways to solve the problems facing the younger generation. This should also be followed by all voters in order to strengthen democracy. New voters must encourage their peers to register on the electoral lists and thus become players in democracy.

The secretary-member of the Authority, S. Sharmila, took the floor. ZP CEO and District SVEEP Committee Chairman Y. Naveen Bhat said every voter should exercise their right to vote as even a single vote has its value.

Police Superintendent N. Vishnuvardhana said the public holiday declared on polling day should be used to elect the right representative and not for any other purpose.

On this occasion, new voters were given photo ID cards in Mangaluru and Udupi. The authorities also made young voters take the oath of the right to vote on this occasion.

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