“The government of Balochistan in exile is established”

Chennai, April 15 (IANS): The main leader of the Balochistan freedom movement, Professor Naela Quadri Baloch, who is in exile in Canada, said a Government of Balochistan in Exile (GBE) was established on March 21.

The Baloch leader, in a statement on Friday, said she would head the government and that the government-in-exile is based somewhere in Europe.

She said the exact geographic location of the government in exile cannot be revealed at this time for security reasons as well as to meet international requirements. The Balochistan government in exile has already established diplomatic relations with three countries.

The head of the Balochistan government-in-exile said the names and contact details of ministers and other senior officials will be announced soon.

Professor Naela Quadri Baloch said GBE representatives are lobbying governments and international agencies. She said all Baloch parties, groups and forums will be contacted and urged to support and lead the government on democratic principles.

The process of establishing the government started many years ago and it was openly requested by her during her visit to India in 2016. She said that the Indian government has kept silent on the request.

Professor Baloch said that she and various other movements and groups in Balochistan have been working tirelessly for the establishment of the Balochistan Government in Exile and that hard work has now paid off.

This, she said, is the only way to end colonial occupation and unite the 40 million Baloch people living in three regions of Balochistan.

Professor Naela Quadri Baloch said she also got support from Baloch groups living in Afghanistan and West Balochistan in Iran.

Advocacy groups are in contact with powerful nations and international agencies, she said, adding that 40 million Baloch people worldwide are eligible to apply for citizenship and passports with the Baluchistan government in exile.

Prof. Baloch called on UNIO and the international community to intervene immediately and stop the ongoing genocide in Balochistan and safely recover 55,000 Baluchis, including women and children who have been forcibly arrested or disappeared. of strength.

She said that the government of Balochistan in exile salutes and honors the blood of Baloch martyrs and the sacrifices of Baloch freedom fighters who have held the flag of Balochistan high.

Prof Baloch speaking to IANS said: “It is a cherished dream for the people of Balochistan and the Government of Balochistan in exile will be lobbying governments and international agencies for the necessary support. We cannot not reveal the headquarters and secretariat of the government-in-exile currently for security and legal reasons.”

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