Telangana government insulted governorship: Tamilisai Soundararajan

New Delhi/Hyderabad, April 6 (IANS): Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan on Wednesday claimed that the state government insulted the governorship.

The governor, who called Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the nation’s capital, reportedly briefed him on recent incidents in the state, including the breach of governor’s protocol and the government’s removal of the governor’s address from the session state budget. Legislature.

Speaking to reporters after meeting the prime minister, she referred to recent incidents and said the governor’s constitutional post must be respected.

Soundararajan, however, said she did not feel offended and left it to the people of Telangana to judge how the state government deals with her.

“It’s an open thing. Even the media people, everyone knows that. There’s no need to report these things,” she said when asked if she had reported the incidents. to the Prime Minister.

The meeting comes amid the growing chasm between Governor Soundararajan and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in recent months.

She said that although she has constitutional powers, she does not want to enforce them. She said she wanted to maintain good relations with the government.

She denied politicizing anything or making a controversial decision. She defended the decision taken on the recommendation of the government to appoint P. Kaushik Reddy as a member of the Legislative Council.

“They can’t force me. I’ve already explained that. It’s the Governor’s quota and the provision is for the category of service. When I’m not happy with the application, it’s my right to say so. . It’s not that everything has to be accepted. It’s not that I oppose everything and wanted to create controversy,” she said.

Soundararajan argued that this was not a political decision but a constitutional one.

“When they wanted to have a Provisional President of the Council again, I pointed out the constitutional provision as Provisional President is a provisional arrangement. It should be accepted with an open heart or it could be discussed. Ministers or Minister chief can come to Raj Bhavan and discuss. I am for an open discussion,” she said.

“If something is not accepted, it does not mean that the governor’s office should be insulted. Maybe some decisions of the governor are not accepted. Does it mean that the governor’s office should be insulted? , that the governor’s protocol must be violated and that the governor is not supported when she goes on tour, ”she asked.

She pointed out that the district and the SP did not receive her when she went to Medaram Jatara, a tribal fair held in February.

She said, however, that she does not care about these breaches of protocol. “I am concerned about the office of governor. This should not be repeated. The office of governor must be respected. I am here today but someone else may come tomorrow,” she said.

The Governor also mentioned that the Chief Minister and Ministers did not attend the pre-Ugadi celebrations organized by her at Raj Bhavan. She said other people who had been invited but couldn’t come called her and told her why they couldn’t attend. “Even that response didn’t come (from the chief minister and ministers),” she said.

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