More than 2000 KSRP police officers lose weight and come back de-addicted in one year

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Bangalore, March 6: Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) personnel have been ordered by the Additional Superintendent of Police, Alok Kumar, to lose their excess weight. Within a year, approximately 2,000 police officers in the force reduced their weight and became leaner. About 200 of them got rid of their addictions.

Immediately after taking charge of the KSRP, Alok Kumar began to focus on the health of the force. He noticed that every year a number of police officers died after contracting one disease or the other. So he gave them stern instructions to lower their weights. He attached great importance to the physical condition of the KSRP personnel.

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The police were given a deadline to achieve the reduction in body weight. In one year, the results obtained were excellent. The police personnel who could not run and who often fell ill have now become slim and fit. The force of the KSRP, 2000 strong, is now attracting the attention of the people.

There has been a considerable reduction in the death rate of KSRP personnel. Some staff members took three months of unpaid leave, enrolled in drug rehabilitation camps and came back healthy and fit. While 200 have given up their addictions, 57 police officers are still under treatment.

Officials say KSRP staff who played a responsible role during the Covid19 pandemic saw a marked reduction in the death rate in 2021 compared to the previous year.

The Karnataka State Armed Reserve Police Force has 14,000 personnel. In the past, reducing the weight of police personnel has become a big challenge and in 2020, 50 police officers died from different illnesses. For this reason, a time limit was given and instructions were given to bring the body weight back to healthy levels. More care was given to staff who were suffering from serious illnesses. People were exempted from their rights and prohibited from consuming alcohol, tobacco, smoking, etc. Officials also said staff were told curtly that they could only expect promotions if they improved their health and reduced their body weight.

The department bears the medical costs of the staff. Every year, a health check is carried out and support is given to people facing serious problems.

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