Mangaluru: Private Operators Raise Fares – People Ride Government Buses

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Mangaluru, Sep 3 At a time when coronavirus-related issues have dealt a death blow to all segments of the population, private buses have driven up ticket prices. This opened up a big gap between the ticket prices of private and government buses. So people have chosen to travel by government buses because it saves money at this crucial time.

In the past, a meeting of organizations and institutions and representatives of the people was held before the proposed increase in bus fares was affected. Normally, these meetings never approved the hike as proposed. However, fares generally increased by ten to fifteen rupees depending on the distance traveled. This time, the price increase was affected under cover of containment. In some cases, the increase can reach 50 percent.

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Workers who returned to work after the lockdown were shocked as the minimum fare of eight rupees had been raised to Rs 12. The private bus trip from Mudipu to Mangaluru costs Rs 33, but on a government bus people can travel this distance for Rs 19. The fare from Thokottu to Mangaluru is Rs 18 on private buses and Rs 11 on KSRTC buses.

The arbitrary hike in ticket prices has sparked a chorus for the extension of government bus services on several routes. For example, Valerian D’Souza, a member of Pavoor gram panchayat, said that the panchayat had long written to KSRTC to start bus services to Innoli at Pavoor gram panchayat. He said the matter will be followed up on later. Kamal Kumar, of the traffic division of KSRTC, said that around 25 buses currently operate local routes and the demand for buses on other routes cannot be met at this time. He says the RTO permit is required to operate buses in the city.

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