Mangaluru: Eight students arrested for group clashes, attack on police, residents

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Mangaluru, December 3: Police have arrested eight people in four separate incidents which took place near the town’s Morgans Gate near a private college hostel.

At around 6:45 p.m. on December 2, Adarsh ​​Prem Kumar was talking to his girlfriend and also playing with a dog near the Morgansgate Youth Hostel. In the meantime, the accused Sinan, his six friends and around 75 to 100 inmates began to mistreat Adarsh ​​Prem Kumar and toss locks and stones with the intention of killing him. They also attacked Mohammed Nasif, who came to rescue Adarsh. A case of attempted assassination is recorded in this connection and four people are arrested.

Another case of attempted murder is registered at the Mangaluru Sud police station, in accordance with the complaint filed by Sinan against the accused Adarsh ​​Prem Kumar and four others. Four people are arrested in this context.

At around 10:20 p.m. on December 2, Adarsh ​​Prem Kumar approached the southern town police station and asked the cops to protect his friends Shenil and Shravan, who were trying to unravel the attack by a rival gang that evening. of the same day. PSI Sheetal Alagoor went to the college hostel with her station staff to protect Shenil and Shravan. She introduced herself to the director of the Santhosh K hostel and was on her way to the hostel’s bedroom, when around 100-150 inmates at the hostel prevented police personnel from carrying out their duties and assaulted them with deadly weapons. and also damaged household goods. The loss suffered would be around Rs 30,000. A case in this direction is registered at the southern police station. Eight police officers were injured in this attack by the students.

At around 10:45 p.m. on December 2, Vikyath Shetty was coming to Gujjarakere after completing his personal work, when 100 to 150 students at the university hostel were screaming. Although the PSI and police personnel instructed the inmates at the home not to shout and disturb the locality, they paid no attention and started throwing stones and shards of glass at them. the houses of the inhabitants. Vikyath Shetty and others were injured as a result of the ruckus created by the hostel inmates. The loss is estimated at Rs 10,000. A case in this direction is registered at the southern police station.

When the eight people, who were arrested due to the ruckus created at the university hostel, were tested for drugs at the AJ Hospital, it was confirmed that four of them had indeed consumed Ganja. A separate case under the DPS law is recorded on them.

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