Mangaluru: Do not post inflammatory content on social media, police commissioner warns

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Mangaluru, February 21: Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar on Monday February 21 called on citizens to cooperate with the police to maintain peace following violent incidents in Shivamogga following the killing of a Bajrang Dal activist.

The police commissioner particularly insisted on the need to refrain from posting on social networks any inflammatory content likely to harm community harmony.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, he said: “Political leaders, organisations, schools and college administrations have been cooperating with the Mangaluru town police station and no untoward incidents have occurred. In the same way, people should cooperate in Mangaluru to maintain peace.

“The Social Media Cell closely monitors individuals, organizations and political leaders on various platforms to ensure that there is no objectionable message that disrupts law and order. No less than 1,604 accounts of prominent political leaders, individuals and organizations linked to religions, students and the workforce are monitored,” he said.

“People should not take the situation lightly and post anything on social media that disrupts law and order. Six police officers have been closely monitoring social media for two months, and if this indicates a provocation to an untoward incident, strict action is being taken. We are also coordinating with state intelligence,” the police commissioner said.

“I call on the public to use social media in the right way and not to abuse it, as it is a powerful tool. We have filed a suo motu complaint against the ‘Mangalore Muslims’ page and a personal blog for a article defending Harsha’s murder at Shivamogga They were registered under Sections 153(a), 505(b), 505(c) of the IPC and 66(c), 66(d) of the Computer Act. The process is underway to trace the identity of the culprits and at the same time, we are coordinating with state intelligence to find out the origin of the objectionable message.The perpetrators who share, like and comment on the objectionable messages are equal participants in the crime. Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” he warned.

“We have offices in the social media cell such as the organization office which monitors student-, labor- and religious-owned organizations, the online media office which monitors social media portals. online media, electronic media, print media and many more.We even have an office to verify hate speech, the people behind this hate speech, their logistical support and financial support, and document them all Whenever misinformation is released, we verify the facts by coordinating with state intelligence, and even doing pattern analysis,” Shash Kumar said.

“We have identified 10 hotspots under each police station boundary based on violent incidents such as stabbings, community disturbances and many more,” he added.

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