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Mangaluru, October 28: “NEP 2020” is the buzzword we hear more often nowadays, as the government of Karnataka announced the implementation of the new education policy from the current academic year in its institutions of ‘Higher Education. It not only opened up a new dimension of competency-based learning for students, but also imposed several challenges on its implementation in a real spirit. One question that has sparked the minds of many academics is: “Are we ready for the NEP?” “

In this regard, to guide and empower business faculty members with the necessary skills that would be required to run courses under the NEP, a series of Faculty Development Programs (PDFs) on ‘Empowerment of Business teachers for NEP 2020 ”was organized under the aegis of University of Mangalore in association with Mangalore University Commerce Teachers Association (MUCTA), St Agnes College (Autonomous) Mangaluru, Government First Grade College, Kavoor and Mangala Alumni Association ( MAA).

The curtain raiser for the series of this innovative FDP was held virtually via the webex platform on October 4, 2021 at 4.30 p.m. Dinesh Kumar Alva, President, Maps Group of Institutions, Mangaluru and President of Mangala Alumni Association delivered the inaugural address. Addressing the audience, Alva praised the organizers for leading the FDP series in a unique way and stressed the need to empower faculty members to achieve the goals of NEP in its true spirit. Sr. Dr M Venissa AC, Principal, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru welcomed the dignitaries and the virtual audience. In her welcoming speech, the principal highlighted the challenges teachers face in adapting and adopting new skills to adapt to changing higher education scenarios.

This unique faculty development program was conducted Monday through Sunday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., three hours a day, in three groups, each group consisting of 100 business professors for seven days a week to improve the skills required for teach the courses of the NEP program. This is why the FDP slogan has been rightly defined as “Invest 20 hours now to reap the rewards for a lifetime”.

The aim of the FDP was to help business educators take advantage of the use of ICT tools and equip them with modern teaching, learning and assessment methods in order to implement the NEP 2020 of the right way and help achieve its education goal for skills development. with hands-on exposure on the given topic and establishing an educational basis among students to improve their employability quotient, thereby making the BCom program more relevant and competency-based under NEP 2020.

The first batch started on October 4, 2021 at 5 p.m. shortly after the inaugural ceremony and ended on October 10, 2021 with a brainstorming session on the B.Com program under the NEP. Professor PL Dharma, Registrar of Assessment, University of Mangalore was the guest of honor at the FDP First Batch Farewell Speech and Dr Anasuya Rai, Principal, University College, Hampankatta, Mangaluru and Fellow of BOS of Commerce was the guest of honor. The second batch of the FDP started on October 11 and ended on October 17, 2021. Dr. Jennifer Lolita, Co-Director of College Education, Mangaluru region was the main guest of the farewell of the second batch and Dr. Ummappa Poojari, Associate Professor, Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College, Mangaluru and member of BOS of Commerce was the guest of honor. The third batch of FDP started on October 18 and ended on October 24, 2021 with a brainstorming session at 4 p.m.

The main farewell for the three batches of FDP took place on October 24, 2021 at 5 p.m. The vice-chancellor of Professor PS Yadapadithaya of the University of Mangalore, who is also the chairman of the editorial board of the state curriculum for business and management, was the guest of honor. In his inspirational speech, Professor Yadapadithaya guided teachers to embrace the qualities of resilience, in addition to attributes such as openness, confrontation, confidence, autonomy, pro-activity, authenticity, ability to work collaboratively and a spirit of experimentation to prepare for the challenges of NEP 2020. Teachers must have the positive mindset to turn problems into challenges and challenges into opportunities to reach the heights of success. It is necessary to acquire the latest skills and technologies available to improve the employability possibilities of our students. Teachers are a game-changer under the new education policy and education for life should be the main motto of every teacher, he said. He encouraged teachers to accept NEP without tears or fear and provided all the help needed to hold teachers accountable.

The FDP participants shared their comments and appreciated the FDP organizers for their tireless service to the FDP organization which greatly benefited them to upgrade.

Dinesh Kumar Alva, Chairman, Maps Group of Institutions, Sr Dr M Venissa AC, Principal, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Dr Shivaram P, Principal, GFGC, Kavoor were the guests of honor during the farewell program.

Over 250 faculty members from 82 affiliated colleges of the University of Mangalore have benefited from the PDF and received a certificate of attendance.

Louis Manoj Ambrose, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Govt First Grade College, Kavoor and Secretary General, MUCTA and Dr Devi Prabha Alva, Associate Professor of Commerce, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru and Vice President, MAA were the organizers of the FDP series. They were ably assisted by co-organizers Roshni Yesshawanth, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Govt First Grade College, Haleyangady and Assistant Secretary, MUCTA, Sabina D’Souza, Head, Department of BBA, Sheryl Preethika, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Rodney Vaz, Assistant Professor of Commerce, St Agnes College Autonomous), Mangaluru.

Professor Louis Manoj led the farewell program. Dr Devi Prabha Alva developed the course of the FDP organized in 3 batches. Sabina D’Souza welcomed the participants. Roshni Yesshawanth moved the vote of thanks.

Due to the overwhelming response from business professors in Karnataka State in general and from colleges affiliated with Mangalore University in particular, the organizers of the FDP have decided to hold yet another faculty development program for extend the benefits to as many teachers as possible.

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