Mangalore University Expected to Start Classes for PG Students by Mid-December | Mangaluru News

Mangaluru: The University of Mangalore will likely start first-year post-graduation courses in mid-December.
The academic year was reportedly delayed due to the late announcement of the sixth semester results. The results, which were due to be released by the second week of November, were delayed due to a glitch in the exam software and other reasons.
As a result of the delay, MU has repeatedly extended the deadline for submitting completed applications for all PG programs / PG diplomas / certificates offered on its campus and other campuses in its jurisdiction (currently, it is extended to ‘to December 9).
“With the sixth semester results announced a few days ago, we now plan to proceed as planned. There will be no further extensions and the academic year is expected to start in mid-December. A meeting on Saturday will decide this, ”said MU Registrar Kishore Kumar C K.
Sources at MU added that the university cannot start PG classes until local students are admitted to the classes. Candidates from other universities have already applied for the courses since their results were announced a few months ago. It was only delayed at MU, putting students’ academic / career plans in a fix.
“We have about 30-40% of PG admissions from applicants studied at MU and the rest of other universities. The results of the last semester of the UG came out a few days ago. MU will not delay the start of the academic year any further, ”MU Vice-Chancellor PS Yadapadithaya said.
According to the academic calendar of events, all PG courses under MU started in August. However, the pandemic affected the schedule.
“It is high time MU maintained its academic calendar without disturbing students. The PG courses, which were scheduled to start on November 18, have been repeatedly postponed. Students who want to find a job or other universities are the beneficiaries, ”lamented a senior professor.
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