Mangalore Police issue notices to Kerala residents over anti-CAA protests

New Delhi: About 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, from Kasaragod district in Kerala received a summons from Mangalore police as part of the investigation into the violent anti-CAA protests that took place on December 19 and left two dead in police shootings, according to a report in the India time.

It appears that the majority of them received summons based on the location of their cell phones on the day of the protests.

The summons, issued by a deputy police commissioner from the Mangaluru town crime registry office, mentions the date and time of the appearance and the warning against absence, which would be interpreted as ” withdraw from the investigation “and would invite” a new judicial procedure “.

Kerala’s Kasaragod district borders Karnataka, and several residents of small towns in the district frequent Manguluru, which is the largest city in the area, for a variety of business and domestic needs.

Several of those who had received summons expressed bemusement at the notices given to them and claimed that they had not participated in the protests in the city.

“We depend on Mangaluru for fish and a living, but now we are called rioters just because we were there in the town that day, too many hours before the violence broke out,” said Muhammed Kunhi, a fish merchant. YOU.

Ali Harshad Vorkady, a member of the Kasaragod district panchayat, estimated that around 1,800 people in the district had received a summons and were wrongly accused. “They falsely implicate innocent people. Worse, they imply that people from Kerala were behind the Mangaluru riots. It is dangerous and calls into question the right to free movement of people even to neighboring places, ”said Vorkady.

A beedi scroll from Manjeshwar to Kasargod received a notice with regard to the protests which said: “The non-appearance will infer that you are intentionally evading yourself to help the investigation continue to engage in similar activities.” Your absence will result in further legal proceedings. Treat this matter as the most urgent.

“Advisories were issued to people living in the areas between Manjeshwar and Calicut, who were present in Mangaluru. We obtained the phone numbers of the mobile towers from the protest sites for December 19th and identified over 2,000 people from Kerala. We sent them notices to prove that they were not part of the protest, ”DySP Gaonkar, the former investigating officer in the case, noted.

Mangaluru President of the Democratic Youth Federation of India, Muneer Katipala, claimed that the police were trying to fabricate cases against people in Kerala.

“The police keep saying that people in Kerala are planning this. But for now, the police have no proof. When you ask the police on what basis they do it, there is no answer. Now they are just posting notices to anyone coming from Kerala. A beedi worker, who was not even in town, also received a notice containing section 307 (attempted murder), ”Muneer said. The news.

Last year in December, a circular issued by the government of Karnataka asking colleges in Dakshina Kannada district to keep tabs on Kerala students has sparked an outcry from students.

Dakshina Kannada’s deputy commissioner said the intent of the circular was to “focus on the safety” of Kerala students.

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