Maha police arrest 2 most wanted Maoists in civilian clothes

Gadchiroli (Maharashtra), October 28 (IANS): Marking another achievement, police in Gadchiroli caught two most wanted Maoists – carrying a reward of 2,000,000 rupees each – disguised as civilians, in a covert operation, an official here said on Thursday.

They are Muda Masa Zohi, 32, and Mainu Dorpeti, who were participating as civilians in a rally of local villagers opposed to the Surjagad mining project, said police commissioner Ankit Goyal.

While Zohi is a member of the action team, Dorpeti is a militant Jan militia and both have serious cases filed against them.

Following reliable reports that a group of Maoists posing as villagers could infiltrate the rally on October 26, Gadchiroli police deployed their own plainclothes force members to detect them.

After successfully identifying them in the crowd, secret police teams guided by senior officers like Somay Munde, Sameer Shaikh, Anuj Tare, managed to trap and arrest them, Goyal said.

According to her records, Zohi was directly involved in the bloody encounters of Zarewada (February 27, 2019), Bodmeta (March 15, 2020), Koparshi (March 4, 2021) and other serious crimes.

Dorpeti was personally linked to the brutal murder of a villager Somaji C. Sadmek on the Hedri-Surjagad road on September 19 (2021), the attacks on a security post in Gatta on May 11, and other major crimes.

In view of their series of acts of violence and other offenses, Maharashtra police had announced a reward of two Rs Lakh each on the head, Goyal added.

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