KMC Hospital Holds Cardiac Check Camp for Mangalore City Police Personnel

KMC Hospital Holds Cardiac Check Camp for Mangalore City Police Personnel

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru City Police Station, in association with KMC, organized a heart check camp for police personnel at the commissioner’s office here on March 10.

Cardiac Check Camp was inaugurated by Commissioner of Police N Shashi Kumar IPS along with DCP Law and Order Hariram Shankar, Medical Superintendent and Unit Head of KMC Hospitals, Mangalore Dr Anand Venugopal MD, Consultant – Cardiac Electrophysiologist Dr Maneesh Rai, Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Narasimha Pai, AGM Operations at KMC Raviraj Hospital and Senior Manager at KMC and Subramanya Hospitals.

Addressing the rally, Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said, “Today we organized a heart check camp for police personnel in association with KMC Hospitals. Nowadays people with heart diseases do not reach the hospital in time for treatment, for example, Puneet Rajkumar died of cardiac arrest even though he had everything he had a team of doctors and could also bring the hospital to his doorstep but he did not receive the right treatment in time. It reminds us that, even if we think we are in good shape, we must have regular checkups. Unfortunately, we have lost young police officers from Urwa and Moodbidri police stations due to a heart attack. Health is wealth. When we were planning to organize the health check camp, Violet Pereira coordinated and allowed us to organize this camp”.

Shashi Kumar added, “We may not have bad habits like smoking or drinking, but we still need to do regular checkups to avoid such unexpected issues. Do not think that your wives, husbands or children will take care of your health. We ourselves must take care of our health, our health is in our hands. Discipline is a must in your daily activities. If you are well disciplined, you will be healthy. Today a large team of doctors from KMC came here to check your health. We all know that KMC excels in providing quality healthcare services. We must keep all police personnel healthy and avoid future tragedies.”

Addressing the gathering, Dr Maneesh Rai said: “Over the past year we have heard of many young people who have died of heart attacks. For cardiac arrest, the common reason is a heart attack. If someone dies at a young age, all may not be well for them, it may not be a heart attack. If someone has high blood pressure, sugar and smoking habit, and develops chest pain, there will be chances of heart attack. You can have a heart attack for genetic reasons, and in this case, the whole family must be screened”.

Dr Maneesh Rai added: “When a person goes into cardiac arrest, they only have a 5% chance of surviving. Out of 100, only 5 people survive cardiac arrest if they receive treatment immediately. In the best cities, there is a 30% chance of survival. When a person goes into cardiac arrest, those around them should restart the heart by starting CPR immediately. In the United States, Canada and Australia, people are trained to provide basic care. In India, we should all learn how to give basic life support to the person who has a heart attack so that we can save lives. It is our duty to learn to give basic care (CPR) to save lives”.

Addressing the rally, Dr Narasimha Pai said: “Our Commissioner of Police is very aware of the need to keep the department healthy. He is very concerned about the health of police officers and has taken huge steps to take care of his own employees. If we see the number of heart attack cases in our country and across the world, we are a developing country and by 2030 India will be the “heart capital” of the world in terms of heart vascular diseases. In our country, young people and the working class suffer from heart attacks. Whatever our habits, we must have regular health check-ups. We will do a free consultation for police personnel. Whenever you are free, come to the hospital and we will do the necessary tests. I assure you that our department will give you priority and perform free TMT and lipid tests. You are serving society and it will be a small service to KMC Hospital Mangaluru and Attavar Police Department. Any chest pain should not be overlooked, go to the nearest hospital and get tested. What kills is not the heart attack but the lack of awareness of cardiac arrest”.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Anand Venugopal said: “Our doctors have already briefed on the cause of the heart attack and the preventive measures. I would like to congratulate the police commissioner and Violet Pereira for coordinating the organization of this camp. From the hospital side, we will render our service to the police department, you can enter our hospital for a check”.

Dr Anand Venugopal added, “Print and electronic media have played an important role in coordinating these outreach programs, especially for people who are always on the front line 24/7, like the police department. Special thanks to Violet Pereira and the team for helping to organize this heart check-up camp on short notice”.

AGM Operations KMC Hospital Raviraj, Marketing Manager at KMC Hospitals Rakesh Darshan, Operations Manager at KMC Subramanya, HOD Cardiology Dr Padmanabh Kamath and others were also present. Traffic Inspector Guru Kamath compiled the program and gave the vote of thanks.

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