Govt hasn’t decided to impose lockdown in state: Karnataka Minister R Ashok

Srinagar (PTI): The ousted management body of Kashmir Press Club said on Monday that the installation of a group of journalists as an interim body was done with the ultimate aim of shutting down the club.

He reiterated that journalists in the Valley will face these challenges.

“It seems that the ultimate goal was to shut down the Kashmir Press Club and for this purpose they tried to install a group of journalists. By this action they wanted to drown out the voice of journalists that echoed through the forum called Kashmir Press Club, the only democratic and independent corps of journalists in the valley,” Ishfaq Tantray, general secretary of the ousted corps, said in a statement.

“But we strongly believe that our journalists are capable and professional enough to keep the flame burning and weather these challenges. the future”. he added.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration on Monday announced the takeover of the land and building housing the Kashmir Press Club.

He justified the move by saying that while the last elected body ceased to exist after July 2019 as no election was held, the other group of journalists had taken control of the club without following due process.

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