Government PU University Kundapur Allows Students Wearing Hijab To Protest Inside Campus

Management wanted to reduce the scope of any untoward incidents off campus due to the protest

Government Pre University College in Kundapur, Udupi district allowed students dressed in hijab inside its campus on February 7 and allowed them to protest in a hall of the college building.

A senior Udupi district administration official said The Hindu that the purpose was to prevent students from sitting down to protest in front of the college gate. This would reduce the scope for any untoward incidents off campus due to the protest.

The official said the college’s management committee does not allow students wearing hijab inside the classrooms.

Kundapura police arrested two people accused of brandishing weapons at the scene of a student protest outside the college gate on February 4. Police gave their names as Abdul Majid, 32, and Rajab, 41. According to the police, Majid is a defendant in seven criminal cases registered at the Gangolli police station while Rajab is a defendant in one case registered at the same police station.

Meanwhile, some female students from Venkatramana Pre University College in Kundapur showed up on campus wearing saffron shawls on February 7 to demand that girls not be allowed to wear hijab in the college.

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