Classes 6-8 can be reopened: TAC in the government of Karnataka

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) told the state government that physical classes for grades 6-8 “could be considered from September 13,” a move that comes amid a mixed response to offline classes. for grades 9 to 12 in rural and urban areas.

TAC experts kept Ganesh Chaturthi in mind during the recommendation, which was presented at a meeting on Thursday. The timing will help the authorities to make an informed decision after assessing the situation in the coming days as well as after the festival.

This assessment will take into account the number of children tested positive for the coronavirus, their clinical presentation, their severity and their management, the response of parents, teachers and school administration. The final announcement will be made by CM Basavaraj Bommai on Monday.

“The chief minister is holding a meeting Monday (August 30) at 4 p.m. with TAC experts to discuss the recommendations,” a source said.

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According to authoritative, non-TAC sources, the recommendation to open these classes was made on the basis of two points: one was that the opening classes 9 to 12 went largely according to the book. , SOPs being respected by students and teachers. . The second factor was that although Covid-19 infections were reported among students in these classes, none required hospitalization, a source said.

A detailed study of childhood Covid-19 infections determined that 40% of all cases reported in recent days in districts were in people under the age of 18. “Despite this, and the fact that some were symptomatic, none were hospitalized,” an official said.

The TAC is expected to issue recommendations for the Ganesha festival next week, a government source said, adding that the committee would next consider the Covid-19 situation in the state and among children on September 8.

“School bubble”

To ensure a safe return of students to face-to-face learning, the Technical Advisory Committee recommended the introduction of “school bubbles”. Conceptually, these bubbles are a simple but rigid grouping of a small number of students, who tend to stay in groups during school hours. If a student tests positive in the bubble, only the affected bubble will self-isolate instead of the whole class.

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