Mangalore university – The Mangalore Times Sat, 04 Dec 2021 06:53:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mangalore university – The Mangalore Times 32 32 Mangalore University Expected to Start Classes for PG Students by Mid-December | Mangaluru News Fri, 03 Dec 2021 22:30:00 +0000 Mangaluru: The University of Mangalore will likely start first-year post-graduation courses in mid-December.
The academic year was reportedly delayed due to the late announcement of the sixth semester results. The results, which were due to be released by the second week of November, were delayed due to a glitch in the exam software and other reasons.
As a result of the delay, MU has repeatedly extended the deadline for submitting completed applications for all PG programs / PG diplomas / certificates offered on its campus and other campuses in its jurisdiction (currently, it is extended to ‘to December 9).
“With the sixth semester results announced a few days ago, we now plan to proceed as planned. There will be no further extensions and the academic year is expected to start in mid-December. A meeting on Saturday will decide this, ”said MU Registrar Kishore Kumar C K.
Sources at MU added that the university cannot start PG classes until local students are admitted to the classes. Candidates from other universities have already applied for the courses since their results were announced a few months ago. It was only delayed at MU, putting students’ academic / career plans in a fix.
“We have about 30-40% of PG admissions from applicants studied at MU and the rest of other universities. The results of the last semester of the UG came out a few days ago. MU will not delay the start of the academic year any further, ”MU Vice-Chancellor PS Yadapadithaya said.
According to the academic calendar of events, all PG courses under MU started in August. However, the pandemic affected the schedule.
“It is high time MU maintained its academic calendar without disturbing students. The PG courses, which were scheduled to start on November 18, have been repeatedly postponed. Students who want to find a job or other universities are the beneficiaries, ”lamented a senior professor. Source link

Mangalore University Hosts “Innovative Faculty Development Program on Empowerment” Thu, 28 Oct 2021 09:15:00 +0000

Press release

Mangaluru, October 28: “NEP 2020” is the buzzword we hear more often nowadays, as the government of Karnataka announced the implementation of the new education policy from the current academic year in its institutions of ‘Higher Education. It not only opened up a new dimension of competency-based learning for students, but also imposed several challenges on its implementation in a real spirit. One question that has sparked the minds of many academics is: “Are we ready for the NEP?” “

In this regard, to guide and empower business faculty members with the necessary skills that would be required to run courses under the NEP, a series of Faculty Development Programs (PDFs) on ‘Empowerment of Business teachers for NEP 2020 ”was organized under the aegis of University of Mangalore in association with Mangalore University Commerce Teachers Association (MUCTA), St Agnes College (Autonomous) Mangaluru, Government First Grade College, Kavoor and Mangala Alumni Association ( MAA).

The curtain raiser for the series of this innovative FDP was held virtually via the webex platform on October 4, 2021 at 4.30 p.m. Dinesh Kumar Alva, President, Maps Group of Institutions, Mangaluru and President of Mangala Alumni Association delivered the inaugural address. Addressing the audience, Alva praised the organizers for leading the FDP series in a unique way and stressed the need to empower faculty members to achieve the goals of NEP in its true spirit. Sr. Dr M Venissa AC, Principal, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru welcomed the dignitaries and the virtual audience. In her welcoming speech, the principal highlighted the challenges teachers face in adapting and adopting new skills to adapt to changing higher education scenarios.

This unique faculty development program was conducted Monday through Sunday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., three hours a day, in three groups, each group consisting of 100 business professors for seven days a week to improve the skills required for teach the courses of the NEP program. This is why the FDP slogan has been rightly defined as “Invest 20 hours now to reap the rewards for a lifetime”.

The aim of the FDP was to help business educators take advantage of the use of ICT tools and equip them with modern teaching, learning and assessment methods in order to implement the NEP 2020 of the right way and help achieve its education goal for skills development. with hands-on exposure on the given topic and establishing an educational basis among students to improve their employability quotient, thereby making the BCom program more relevant and competency-based under NEP 2020.

The first batch started on October 4, 2021 at 5 p.m. shortly after the inaugural ceremony and ended on October 10, 2021 with a brainstorming session on the B.Com program under the NEP. Professor PL Dharma, Registrar of Assessment, University of Mangalore was the guest of honor at the FDP First Batch Farewell Speech and Dr Anasuya Rai, Principal, University College, Hampankatta, Mangaluru and Fellow of BOS of Commerce was the guest of honor. The second batch of the FDP started on October 11 and ended on October 17, 2021. Dr. Jennifer Lolita, Co-Director of College Education, Mangaluru region was the main guest of the farewell of the second batch and Dr. Ummappa Poojari, Associate Professor, Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College, Mangaluru and member of BOS of Commerce was the guest of honor. The third batch of FDP started on October 18 and ended on October 24, 2021 with a brainstorming session at 4 p.m.

The main farewell for the three batches of FDP took place on October 24, 2021 at 5 p.m. The vice-chancellor of Professor PS Yadapadithaya of the University of Mangalore, who is also the chairman of the editorial board of the state curriculum for business and management, was the guest of honor. In his inspirational speech, Professor Yadapadithaya guided teachers to embrace the qualities of resilience, in addition to attributes such as openness, confrontation, confidence, autonomy, pro-activity, authenticity, ability to work collaboratively and a spirit of experimentation to prepare for the challenges of NEP 2020. Teachers must have the positive mindset to turn problems into challenges and challenges into opportunities to reach the heights of success. It is necessary to acquire the latest skills and technologies available to improve the employability possibilities of our students. Teachers are a game-changer under the new education policy and education for life should be the main motto of every teacher, he said. He encouraged teachers to accept NEP without tears or fear and provided all the help needed to hold teachers accountable.

The FDP participants shared their comments and appreciated the FDP organizers for their tireless service to the FDP organization which greatly benefited them to upgrade.

Dinesh Kumar Alva, Chairman, Maps Group of Institutions, Sr Dr M Venissa AC, Principal, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Dr Shivaram P, Principal, GFGC, Kavoor were the guests of honor during the farewell program.

Over 250 faculty members from 82 affiliated colleges of the University of Mangalore have benefited from the PDF and received a certificate of attendance.

Louis Manoj Ambrose, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Govt First Grade College, Kavoor and Secretary General, MUCTA and Dr Devi Prabha Alva, Associate Professor of Commerce, St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru and Vice President, MAA were the organizers of the FDP series. They were ably assisted by co-organizers Roshni Yesshawanth, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Govt First Grade College, Haleyangady and Assistant Secretary, MUCTA, Sabina D’Souza, Head, Department of BBA, Sheryl Preethika, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Rodney Vaz, Assistant Professor of Commerce, St Agnes College Autonomous), Mangaluru.

Professor Louis Manoj led the farewell program. Dr Devi Prabha Alva developed the course of the FDP organized in 3 batches. Sabina D’Souza welcomed the participants. Roshni Yesshawanth moved the vote of thanks.

Due to the overwhelming response from business professors in Karnataka State in general and from colleges affiliated with Mangalore University in particular, the organizers of the FDP have decided to hold yet another faculty development program for extend the benefits to as many teachers as possible.

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Mangalore University plans to introduce open book exam: VC Wed, 27 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Mangalore University Vice Chancellor Professor PS Yadapadithaya said the university plans to introduce an open book examination system in a few undergraduate programs starting in the 2022-2023 academic year. .

Speaking at the Academic Council meeting, the VC said Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) will introduce an open book exam system in a selected stream of the current academic year. On the VTU model, the University of Mangalore will also plan the same from 2022-23.

The open book exam will require a lot of planning to frame the questions for the students. As part of the system, teachers need to design questions that students need to answer more analytically and critically, thus encouraging students’ thinking skills compared to traditional exams, he said.

Entrepreneurship development unit

The VC said that the University of Mangalore will set up an entrepreneurship development cell, to educate the student community about entrepreneurship. The training and placement unit at the university will be strengthened for this. Already, the university has the University Information and Guidance Office on Employment.

The Entrepreneurship Development Unit will contribute to the development of students’ entrepreneurial skills. An entrepreneurship awareness ecosystem will be created through the cell. In addition, the Cell will also offer courses leading to a certificate or diploma in entrepreneurship, explained the VC.

Integrated Law Program

Mangalore University has offered to start a five-year integrated law course at its PG center at Chikka Aluvara in Kodagu district. The Bar Council has given its approval in principle for the same. The program and the rules of the course are being prepared and should be completed by January, the vice-chancellor informed.

The Academic Council of the university has approved the regulations governing the certificate program in general law and graduate degree programs in human rights law. The university union meeting decided to launch law degree and certificate programs. As a result, a committee of experts was formed which prepared the program and program regulations, the VC said.

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Mangalore University has yet to develop a NEP curriculum | Mangaluru News Fri, 08 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000 Mangaluru: The University of Mangalore has not yet finalized the new curriculum under the National Education Policy-2020 (NEP) for first-year undergraduate students. While most other universities in the state are ready with the program, MU has yet to finalize the same.
Several professors and lecturers criticized the delay in finalizing the program, as the academic year is due to start on October 10. An undergraduate senior professor has expressed concern that there are only a few days left for the academic year to begin. “Since the content and guidelines are already available, the program can be finalized in a day. We do not know the reason for the delay. Last minute preparations will cause inconvenience to students and teachers, ”said a first-year government college lecturer.
The Vice Chancellor of the University of Mangalore, PS Yadapadithaya, told TOI that the program is being finalized. “The program is awaiting final approval from the relevant authorities, including the Academic Council. It should be finalized in a week, ”he said. The VC is also the chair of the business faculty and management committee to implement NEP -2020 in the state.
Yadapadithaya argued that the university has accepted the program formed by the state committee and some changes will be made. “The program for the second, third and fourth years of graduation will be finalized at a later date. If there is a delay in finalizing the freshman program, we could delay reopening colleges for freshmen for a week, ”he said.
Mangalore University will organize a one-day workshop for all teacher and student representatives to familiarize them with the program and NEP-2020.
The NEP’s four-year graduation program has several exit options. A candidate at the end of two semesters obtains a certificate, over four semesters a diploma, a diploma at the end of six semesters and honors for having completed four years or eight semesters. The current UG program has six semesters and ends in three years. Source link

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University of Mangalore Reverses Decision on Assessment of Response Documents | Mangaluru News Thu, 30 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000 MANGALURU: After drawing attention to its policy of requiring reviewers to review 40 papers per day, compared to the previous 30, the University of Mangalore reversed its order, much to the relief of the teaching community. The decision was intended to speed up the assessment process, but did not have the union’s approval.
The university began the assessment process from Monday. According to sources involved in the review, MU officials asked them to rate 40 copies a day, but after protesting, this was reduced to the previous 30 copies, and by rules, an assessor can only rate 30 copies. copies. one day.
“First and foremost, the new rule has not received any approval from the relevant authorities. Second, it was not possible to rate 40 articles per day. Third, even if it had been done, assessors from remote places like Puttur, Sullia and Kundapur would have encountered transportation problems, ”said a lecturer from a first-year government college.
Another senior lecturer reported a serious violation during the assessment, where the candidate’s identity was revealed to an assessor. “The coding strip which contains a candidate’s registration number is distributed to an assessor, thus violating the confidentiality of the exam. The roll number consists of the college code, where one can easily identify which college a candidate belongs to. What is the use of coding in an exam, when it is not being taken? Asked the lecturer.
When TOI contacted PL Dharma, Registrar (Evaluation), University of Mangalore, he said that they had withdrawn the order for 40 items to be evaluated per day because they were not allowed to do so from union members. This would have created problems when paying assessors, he added.
Regarding the distribution of coding details to reviewers, Dharma maintained that this was the first review to take place after the adoption of the new MULinx software for exams.
“There are a few glitches, but we haven’t disclosed any details about the candidates to the reviewers. We received approximately three complaints about coding issues during the review, and the necessary action has been taken, ”he said. Source link

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Mangalore University plans to establish a Center for Coastal Development Studies Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The University of Mangalore plans to establish a center for studies on coastal development, according to PS Yadapadithaya, vice-chancellor of the university.

Speaking during the celebration of the 42nd day of the founding of the university on Wednesday, he said the leadership would submit a proposal to the government of Karnataka in this regard. The proposed center will be named after the former Minister of Karnataka, the late VS Acharya.

The university plans to focus on topics related to coastal development in the project of “Dr VS Acharya Center for Coastal Development Studies”.

Stating that the university has already launched a sports policy, he indicated that it will now launch a cultural policy in the coming days. The university – which covers the districts of Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi – will also showcase cultural artifacts from these three districts.

The university is also considering the suggestion of Dr Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala, to set up a “Tulu village” model on the Konaje university campus in Mangaluru taluk. (Tulu is an important spoken language of the Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts along the Karnataka coast).

“In addition to this, Heggade has promised to provide the ancient manuscripts from the area, which are kept at the Dharmasthala Museum, for research and study purposes for students at Mangaluru University,” he said. he adds.

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Mangalore University to fill pending positions soon Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Mangalore University Vice Chancellor PS Yadapadithaya said on Wednesday that the university would start the process of filling teaching and non-teaching positions in the backlog reserved categories within a month.

Speaking at the celebration of the 42nd day of the founding of the University of Mangalagangotri, he said the government had authorized the university to fill the pending positions of the categories of scheduled castes, listed tribes and other classes. arrears.

He said the government is in the process of allowing the university to recruit general grade teaching and non-teaching staff. The university hopes that this process will be completed by next January.

The vice-chancellor said part of the international hostel building on campus is being converted into Pareeksha Bhavan. It will be inaugurated next January by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

The university will build a hostel for men belonging to the listed castes and tribes at a cost of 4.25 crore. He will also build an Ambedkar Bhavan on campus.

He said the university plans to build a swimming pool and synthetic track on campus as part of a public-private partnership model.

He reiterated that the university is committed to opening the Dr. VS Acharya Center for Coastal Development Studies in Belapu in Udupi district.

He said the university will also develop a “Tulu grama” model on campus and put in place a cultural policy.

Stating that the 2020 National Education Policy which will be implemented by the university in the 2021-22 academic year may present challenges during the implementation process, he said the challenges should be taken as an opportunity and treated.

The teachers and students of the physical education department, which received the state government’s Kreeda Poshak Award for 2019-2020, were congratulated.

A team of 12 students from MGM College Udupi received an award, trophy and cash prize for winning the championship at a college level competition held in Noida.

The Vice-Chancellor of REVA University, VG Talawar, and the General Manager of the Human Resources Department of TCS Limited, F. Israel Inbaraj, attended as guests.

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University of Mangalore obtains patent for invention of anticancer compound Mon, 20 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The invention is entitled, A process for the extraction and purification of tetrandrine

The University of Mangalore obtained its first patent for an invention from its two plant researchers KR Chandrashekar and Bhagya Nekrakalaya concerning an anti-cancer compound.

The invention is entitled A Process for the Extraction and Purification of Tetrandrine.

Tetradrine is an anticancer compound.

The invention describes a process for the extraction and purification of tetrandrine from a methanolic extract of Cyclea peltata, which is commonly known in Kannada as Haade balli, collected from the natural forests of Dakshina Kannada and Kasaragod district in Kerala.

The Patent Office granted the patent (No. 369124) to the researchers on June 11, 2021. It is valid for 20 years from May 8, 2017 since they filed a patent application during their research at the University. from Mangalore. At present, the two researchers are working at Yenepoya reputed to be Mangaluru University.

Mr Chandrashekar, who retired as Chairman and Professor of Botany, Department of Applied Botany, University of Mangalore, said The Hindu this Cyclea peltata (Lam.) Hook. F. Thomas. (Menispermaceae) is an herb of ethnomedical significance used in the treatment of various health problems.

It is reported to have anti-toxin function in addition to playing a role in improving diabetic skin disorders, such as boils and anthrax, and in treating smallpox and upset stomach. Pharmacological studies have also proven the bioactive potential of Cyclea peltata with antioxidant, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, cytotoxic activities and protection against nephrotoxicity and oxidative damage.

He said that as an alkaloid, small organic molecules containing nitrogen usually in a ring, tetrandrine was previously isolated from Stephanie tetrandra, a widely cited ethnomedicinal plant in China that has shown anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antioxidant, immunosuppressive, cardiovascular and calcium channel blocking effects. Several studies have shown the effective in vitro and in vivo anticancer mechanism of tetrandrine against different cancers by acting on multiple pathways.

The two researchers working on tissue culture and plant bioprospecting in the Western Ghats found the presence of tetrandrine in Haade balli. They tested its anticancer potential using cancer cells. In addition, they developed a simple process for its plant extraction and purification into a single molecule from a complex mixture using a simple glass column chromatography technique.

“The recrystallized fractions gave tetrandrine with a purity of 98.63%. Further work on this molecule with regard to increasing its solubility in an aqueous medium and clinical trials could lead to the development of a potent anti-cancer drug from a local plant, ”the researchers said.

Ms. Nekrakalaya is a UGC Women Scientist Postdoctoral Fellow at Yenepoya Deemed to University, Mangaluru, and Mr. Chandrashekar is Advisor, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, and Professor of Botany at Yeneopoya Deemed to be University.

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Mangalore University Union Special Meeting on September 13 Sun, 12 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The University of Mangalore Syndicate, which is the university’s highest decision-making body, will hold a special meeting on Monday to discuss, among other things, the timing of exams for the last undergraduate and postgraduate courses. semester of the academic year 2020-21.

After several postponements since April of this year, the university completed its semester exams (first, third and fifth) of the 2020-21 academic year on September 2, after a hiatus of about five months. The university had been forced to postpone exams, which had started on April 1, three times due to the strike by KSRTC employees, the lockdown and the ban imposed by the deputy commissioner to prevent the spread of COVID- 19, mainly from Kerala.

Vice Chancellor PS Yadapadithaya said The Hindu that the university plans to organize the final exams of the semester, the sixth semester for undergraduate courses and the fourth semester for postgraduate courses, from September 30 or during October. The dates are not yet final. No online exam will be organized for the last semesters.

Registrar (Assessment) PL Dharma said that around 40,000 students will be required to sit for the final semester undergraduate exams, and between 4,000 and 5,000 students will be required to take the final semester postgraduate exams.

The vice-chancellor said that after assessing the Kannada and English answer copies of the odd semester undergraduate exams, the assessment of the answer copies of other subjects was halted on August 4 after the sub- commissioner asked the university not to conduct the exams.

When the assessment is resumed, priority will be given to the assessment of the answer scripts for the fifth semester exams. Indeed, unless the results of the exams of the fifth semester are published, the students of the last semester cannot complete their three-year course. If some students have failed in a subject of the fifth semester exams, they can sit for and pass the additional / special exams which will take place shortly, as well as the final (sixth) semester exams.

The university will announce the results of other odd semester exams (first and third) in due course as there is no rush as these students will continue their studies, he said.

The vice-chancellor said that the semester exams for the second and fourth semesters will not be held and students will be promoted if they have passed all subjects in the first and third semesters.

Mr Yadapadithaya said the university will only be able to start the 2021-22 academic year in November.

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Practical classes at the University of Mangalore to start next week | Mangaluru News Fri, 10 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000 MANGALURU: The University of Mangalore has plans to hold hands-on on-campus classes for undergraduate and postgraduate science courses, starting next week.
PS Yadapadithaya, vice-chancellor of the University of Mangalore, said a decision to start on-campus classes for other fields would be taken after September 15.
He said: “The district administration asked us to stop the ongoing semi-annual exams following the increase in Covid-19 cases in Kerala on August 3. After our request, they resumed from August 11. The exams ended on September 4th. After that, it was decided that even the semester courses will continue online after the exams.
However, there are scientific labs that cannot be taught online. Mangalore University has asked the district administration to grant concessions and allow the teaching of practicals on campus. “The district administration has taken our request into account. It has now allowed students to visit the campus starting next week for practical exams, ”Yadapadithaya said.
As per the guidelines, only a few students can come to campus at a time, and colleges must follow strict SOPs. Kerala students are required to produce negative RT-PCR test reports and follow all guidelines issued by the Karnataka State Government. All other courses that do not have practical subjects will continue online, and the decision to go offline is likely to be made after September 15. Nipah’s situation, ”Yadapadithaya said.
Focus on end of semester exams
In order to help undergraduate and postgraduate students, the University of Mangalore has planned to take their exams at the earliest. Yadapadithaya said the university will hold exams for sixth semester undergraduates and fourth semester postgraduates starting September 20.
Dropping the idea of ​​online exams, Yadapadithaya said many oppose proctored exams. “So now we’re going to use the usual review model,” he said. Source link

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