A woman accuses a police inspector of sexual harassment and files a complaint

Bangalore, Jan 20 (IANS): A 39-year-old woman filed a complaint against a city police inspector accusing her of sexual harassment.

In a complaint to Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant, the woman claimed the defendant asked her to bribe or physically gratify him, police said on Thursday.

The allegations are made against Inspector Vasanth Kumar, attached to Hennur Police Station in Bengaluru. According to the complainant, the inspector would have taken advantage of her situation when she went to file a complaint against her tenant on January 13.

Vasanth Kumar

The woman reportedly went to the police station after being assaulted by her tenant and members of her family. Although she suffered injuries, her complaint was not recorded by the inspector. She was later called to the inspector’s office and given two options, the complainant alleged.

“Inspector Vasanth Kumar asked me to either pay him Rs 5 lakh or fulfill his requests for sexual favors whenever he wants. He said if she agrees to his requests, he will help her,” a- she alleged.

She explained that the inspector verbally assaulted her after she refused to give in to his demands. The victim said the inspector threatened to file at least 10 complaints against her and also filed an FIR against her. She maintained that bail was obtained with great difficulty in this case.

“After getting bail, the accused inspector would call me at the station. He would take me to his room and force me to accept his offer. He used to hold my hand and drag me around and say that “He wanted me at all costs. I endured torture for a long time,” she said in her complaint.

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