Learn this alphabet to end credit cards and make a better investment of your money. Do not drown in a glass of water and study your alternatives to better manage your income.

What is a credit card for?

credit cards

And no, it is not to borrow. The latter is one of the consequences of poor management in your finances, which leads you to delay payments and be irresponsible with your money.

The TDC is a mode of financing that must be at low cost, with which you ask for a loan to the bank to pay for necessary things. When you generate a habit of payment, you avoid debts.

To the extent that you return the money you got from the TDC before the deadline, the bank lends you your interest-free money. However, things get worse if you let time go by and don’t even pay the minimum , since your interests will end up sinking.

What can I use a credit card for?

  •          To pay bills that with late checks you were going to cancel.
  •          To include urgent and important purchases in the monthly budget.
  •          Earn benefits for points accumulated with the card.
  •          To generate good credit history. The bank will need good references within its system to lend you money for your home or car.

Why do Mexicans borrow?


The spokeswoman for Solve your Debt, Small Lender explains that the main reason is because of the mismanagement of her finances. They use credit cards for purposes that are not recommended when considering an extra income. Remember that borrowed money is not your own money, and although it seems obvious to say so, many people do not understand that.

So if you do not investigate the advantages and disadvantages of your TDC, you manage more accounts than you can pay, you start paying some credit cards with others, and you are unable to see your financial reality …, because there you have a big problem.

Quintero goes on to say that income reduction and unforeseen unemployment are fundamental causes of indebtedness. For this it is better to have a savings fund that will last for three months. At the same time, the person finds a new job or how to mitigate their debts.

It should be noted that it is difficult for a trader, freelancer and landlord, for example, to have total control of their income annually. Therefore, a study of said income from the last year or from the last six months must be done. Maybe that can give you better control of your finances

ABC to eliminate credit card debts

ABC to eliminate credit card debts

Well, we have reached the heart of the matter, what are you supposed to do then to avoid credit card debts? Keep reading!

TO-    Identify the root of your bad habit when using the credit card: don’t you earn enough? Are you an obsessive compulsive person? Is it your emergency fund? Do you have any vice?

If you have trouble answering any of these questions and your debts are suffocating you, it may be time to seek professional help.

B-    Debts do not really solve problems, they generate more than you have: be aware. In fact, with your credit cards you are only buying things that you cannot afford. Imagine what that means.

Savings are the best way to get large amounts of money and acquire whatever you need. Patience is a virtue.

C-     Use the snowball method: a decisive strategy and of great value collection so that it is successful. If you are one of the undecided who never finish making a decision, then with this technique you will learn to pay your debts without thinking twice.

Pay lower interest first and discard the idea of ​​paying large amounts. The important thing is that you get out of your debts little by little, but something you have to do.

In conclusion…

Avoiding credit card debts is easier than you think. You just need patience, planning and a lot of responsibility. Stop paying with money you don’t have! Luck!