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One of the requirements that loan companies place on their clients is to have a bank account. However, what if the customer does not have their own invoice or cannot use it? Does this person have no chance for extra cash? Let’s see.

Non-bank lenders have no high requirements for their clients. Most of them do not require the provision of employment and earnings certificates or bank statements.
To borrow money, all you need is your ID card, cell phone number, and account at a Polish bank. But what about customers who do not have their own account or their account has been seized, e.g. by a bailiff?

Come and see our payday advance lenders now

An alternative to an online loan can be a loan taken from a loan branch. When borrowing money in this way, you do not need to have your own bank account. You will receive additional cash successfully. 

The procedure for applying for an online payday loan will certainly take no longer than 15 minutes, so just visit`s official website and try to request an online payday loan.

Loan without a bank account – is it possible?

It is from your own bank account that you should make a verification transfer to confirm your identity. In the event of a positive decision by the lender, the borrowed money will “land” on the same account. At first glance, therefore, it seems that it will not be possible to take out a loan without an account.
Fortunately, these are just appearances.

Household loans – an alternative to online payday loans

Another way to borrow money without a bank account is to take out a home service loan. If you reach for this payday loan, the representative of the loan company will personally provide you with the money. He will also visit you regularly to collect the money needed to pay the installment.

Who can take a payday loan without a bank account at Harrison?

A payday loan without an account can be taken by a person who:

  • is an adult,
  • has permanent check-in confirmed by an entry in the ID card,
  • has Polish citizenship,
  • has a permanent source of income from salary, disability or old-age pensions.

Is it worth carrying them?

A lot depends not only on your financial possibilities but also on what you plan to spend the money on. If the funds from the loan help change your life situation (e.g. help to finance vocational training, which will result in a raise), it is worth considering incurring high borrowing costs.
Allocating funds from the loan for whims and unnecessary expenses will not be a sensible idea. You will bear the consequences of spontaneous shopping for several or even several dozen months.

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