Earlier in our news “New cash will appear in 2017” we told the story of the origin of these two new banknotes. The most discussed related event was the ability of each of us to influence the images on the new cash signs.

Finally, a few days ago, on October 12, the QCE Bank officially announced the release of new Russian money. Especially for the new banknotes a new anti-counterfeiting system was developed. In addition to multiple security features, there are slightly convex parts on the new money so that visually impaired people can more comfortably determine the denomination.


In developing the design

Trends that are set by Western countries were taken into account. Some elements, such as numbers and stripes on the edges of paper money, are similar to those shown on Euro banknotes. The banknote of 200 rubles is similar to the Euro in green. It depicts the two most important sights of the city of Sevastopol – the Monument to the Scuttled Ships and some parts of the destroyed Chersonese fortress. The bill is made of high density cotton paper with special polymer – impregnation. Banknotes worth 2000 rubles were mostly blue. They depict interesting sites of the Far Eastern Federal District the bridge leading from Vladivostok to Russky Island and the Vostochny Cosmodrome, which is located in the Amur Region. In the middle of the banknote there is an optically variable security element in the form of a stylized image of a bridge against the rising sun.

russian banknotes

“Producers” of new money claim that new banknotes will serve many times longer than usual due to the use of new technologies. The approved symbol for the ruble (the letter P with the crossed out leg) can be seen in several places when changing the slope of the banknote. The cost of new tickets to the RCI Bank is indicated by larger numbers that can be felt with your fingers and recognize the denomination. Now people with impaired vision can easily determine which bill is held in their hands. On both bills there is a small coat of arms of the Russian Federation in the upper left corner of the front side. On the same side in the lower right corner a QR code is printed with a link to the QCE Bank’s Internet resource, by visiting which, you can learn more about the protective properties of banknotes.