Loans and borrowers

People often go to banks to get funds for current needs that they simply cannot afford at the moment. An example of such an emergency, in which a person needs more money, but simply does not have it is a broken fridge. Everyone knows perfectly well that without a fridge it is difficult to function […]

Method to calculate the ideal amount for a loan

If you are thinking of asking for a loan, you probably have a need or a special project in mind, so we tell you the method to calculate the ideal amount for a loan. The best way to deal with an emergency is to avoid compromising on commitments that you cannot solve, so one of […]

Is Your Credit History Above Average? Here’s How To Improve It.

A credit report in our time is one of the most important documents, the rank of which depends only on its owner. Many already know that a positive score makes it easier to take the necessary credit easier and faster, as well as, in some cases, save on an annual percentage. Here is a story […]

What To Do When a Lot Of Loans

Most of those who juggle a few unpaid loans, do not know how to properly conduct their home money. There are many wrong ways to repay loans and one right way – to divide payments on loans. 90% of people with multiple credits have one or several credit cards. Studies show that most people with […]

Now You Can Take a Loan in Banknotes of 200 and 2000 Rubles

Earlier in our news “New cash will appear in 2017” we told the story of the origin of these two new banknotes. The most discussed related event was the ability of each of us to influence the images on the new cash signs. Finally, a few days ago, on October 12, the QCE Bank officially […]

The ABC to eliminate credit card debts

Learn this alphabet to end credit cards and make a better investment of your money. Do not drown in a glass of water and study your alternatives to better manage your income. What is a credit card for? And no, it is not to borrow. The latter is one of the consequences of poor management […]

Payday Loan Are Equally Useful

Not so long ago, all microfinance organizations began to actively receive the status of an IFC, in order to meet the requirements of the BRR Bank and legally carry out payday loan issuance activities. But not all companies could do it. For example, to obtain the status of an IFC, it is necessary that the […]

Where To Borrow Money Urgently

If you urgently need to borrow money, the simplest solution is to take a loan from a micro-financial organization. Such companies, recently, have proven themselves among the population. With such a rapid growth in the need for loans, the emergence of such structures as Payday Loans have greatly facilitated the life of borrowers. Turning to […]